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Position Details

Join our tele-sales team at Ved Infomedia and experience a collaborative environment focused on growth and excellence. We work together to exceed targets and build lasting customer relationships.

About the role

As a Tele Sales Officer at Ved Infomedia, you will play a pivotal role in driving sales and expanding our customer base through telecommunication channels. Your responsibilities will include:

Customer Acquisition: Proactively reaching out to potential customers via phone calls to generate leads and convert them into sales opportunities. This involves understanding customer needs, promoting our products or services, and persuasively closing sales deals.

Relationship Building: Establishing and nurturing relationships with existing and potential clients to ensure satisfaction, retention, and repeat business. You will be responsible for addressing customer inquiries, resolving concerns, and maintaining a positive rapport with clients.

Sales Strategies: Developing and implementing effective sales strategies tailored to telecommunication platforms to achieve sales targets and maximize revenue. This includes following up on leads, conducting sales pitches, and negotiating terms to secure sales agreements.

Pipeline Management: Managing the sales pipeline by tracking leads, opportunities, and deals through various stages of the sales cycle. You will be responsible for updating customer information, scheduling follow-up calls, and maintaining accurate records of sales activities.

Product Knowledge: Acquiring in-depth knowledge of our products or services to effectively communicate features, benefits, and value propositions to customers. You will be responsible for addressing customer queries, providing product demonstrations, and overcoming objections to close sales.

Performance Metrics: Meeting and exceeding key performance indicators (KPIs) such as sales targets, call volume, conversion rates, and customer satisfaction scores. You will be responsible for analyzing sales data, identifying trends, and implementing strategies to improve sales performance.

Continuous Learning: Staying updated with industry trends, market dynamics, and sales techniques to enhance your sales skills and adapt to evolving customer needs. You will have the opportunity to participate in training programs, workshops, and skill development initiatives.

Team Collaboration: Collaborating with sales managers, marketing teams, and other departments to align sales efforts with organizational goals. This includes sharing market insights, providing feedback on customer preferences, and contributing to sales and marketing campaigns.

Problem-Solving: Proactively identifying challenges or obstacles in the sales process and proposing solutions to overcome them. You will be responsible for addressing customer objections, handling objections, and resolving conflicts to ensure customer satisfaction and retention.

As a Tele Sales Officer at Ved Infomedia, you will have the opportunity to work in a dynamic and fast-paced environment, leverage telecommunication tools and techniques, and contribute to the success and growth of our sales team.

Required Knowledge

• Online Search for the Data and do telecalling on the same.
• Generate Leads on Daily basis as per decided target.
• Maintain Your MIS and Report Your Senior on Daily Basis.
• Follow-up your leads on-time.
• Basic Knowledge of Word, Excel, Powerpoint.
• Language known : English, Hindi, Gujarati



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